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Dolce Mare builds on the passion and expertise of our team members to make our vision a reality. We are a group of motivated people dedicated to creating beautiful yet sustainable quality products.

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Our corporate values

1) Quality:All our high quality products are our own creations, which are only available at Dolce Mare. Our focus is on our high quality standards, so that we always develop products that positively change the lives of our customers. We also focus on the durability and design of our products, so that you can enjoy them for a long time and don't have to replace them.

2) Innovation:For us, sustainable company policy also means constantly improving current products and creating new ones. Because of this, our products, such as "the pizza stone", have often been chosen as test winners in comparison portals. Internally, we encourage and demand creativity and initiative from our colleagues in all areas of the company and also include feedback from customers and business partners. In this way, we want to secure the competitiveness of our company in the long term through customer-oriented innovation.

3) Ecological responsibility:It is important to us at Dolce Mare that our products do not harm people or nature. We carefully check which materials we use and try to keep both the wear of materials and waste production as low as possible. Therefore, the products are made from up to 50% recycled materials and all packaging is optimised to produce as little waste as possible. At Dolce Mare, we ship all parcels using DHL GoGreen to help offset the impact on the environment. Since Dolce Mare works with selected producers in Asia, we as a company ensure that all transports are "climate neutral" through a Co2 offset.

4) Economic responsibility:We at Dolce Mare want to operate on the market in the long term and constantly improve our product portfolio. A sustainable and healthy growth secures our entrepreneurial independence & integrity and gives us the opportunity to give more people a job with meaning and personal responsibility.

5) Enjoyment:Our Dolce Mare products allow you to create a place where you can combine a great cooking atmosphere and delicious food. We want this feeling of dedication and fun to be reflected in our team and in our daily work. Our dedication, curiosity and fun at work are the source of our creativity. We work out-of-the-box, show initiative, enjoy healthy challenges and are proud of our ideas.