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At Dolce Mare we offer you durable, sustainable, high quality products at a fair price.

At Dolce Mare we have a passion for high quality, homemade food and premium products that will change the way you cook. Our range of kitchen utensils is aimed at foodies and those who want to become one. Our mission is to provide our customers with durable and sustainable products that are fun and enhance everyday life.

With our Dolce Mare products, everyone can rediscover their love of preparing homemade food today. This way you always know what food you are adding to your meals and can use only high quality ingredients for all your dishes.

Beautifully designed and yet sustainably produced.

At Dolce Mare we have high standards for making our products recyclable and free of harmful substances. We are proud that our products are up to 50% recyclable. Whether it's our pizza back must-haves or our elegant bread boxes. All products are fairly produced and thoughtfully designed to successfully enhance your lifestyle. You can find out more in the description
for each product.

We only settle for the highest standards of integrity and quality. Our production partners from Asia are ISO certified and comply with LFGB requirements. They have been selected by us because they reflect Dolce Mare's core values. Read more about our values here.

Well thought-out materials and packaging.

Dolce Mare is committed to working with sustainably sourced and recycled materials that are also high quality.
In addition to this, our product packaging is optimised to save space and materials in order to drastically minimise packaging waste in the long term.

Climate-friendly shipping.

We at Dolce Mare are committed to a climate-friendly future, which is why we have converted our entire transport / logistics from Asia climate-friendly / "neutral". The shipping of our products to your home is also climate-friendly with "DHL Go Green". You can find out more about DHL's program here.

Biological Engagement.

We took the first step in this direction last year when we implemented that each of our team members gets a free etepetete box every month. Etepetete has made it their mission to save organic and crooked vegetables and send them to households in a climate & plastic neutral way. As a result, they have already been able to rescue a total of 2,746,558kg of imperfect organic fruit and vegetables and hopefully with our support, many many more.

For the end of this year, we as a team plan to donate a portion of the profits to an organization that promotes organic farming. We see this as one of the biggest levers for sustainable and holistic food production of the future, benefiting both human health and the planet.

We haven't settled on an organization here on the team yet, and we'd love to hear recommendations from you guys as well. If there is an organization in this area that particularly impresses you with their projects, please let us know at Thank you!