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Dough roller - non-stick dough roller made of silicone

Dough roller

stick dough roller made of silicone

Colour : Green Kale
Green Kale
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Beluga Black
Sole Grey
Mango sorbet
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Easy rolling with our Dolce Mare silicone dough roller: Roll out your dough effortlessly without force or pressure! Thanks to the non-stick coating, annoying sticking is a thing of the past.

The dough roller is dishwasher safe and 34cm long.

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icon-badge-check 30 year warranty
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Teigrollen clean & einfach!

Finally Effortless Rolling Dough

The silicone dough roller is your perfect kitchen helper. The non-stick surface makes it ideal for rolling out your dough without force or pressure.

icon-gem High-quality stainless steel core
icon-thumb-up Easy to roll out without force

Bye Bye Rolling Pin

Our silicone dough roller is flexible, durable and easy to clean. The design makes it a breeze to use. Say goodbye to the traditional rolling pin!

icon-gem High-quality silicone
icon-soap Germ-free and easy to wash